INCREASE SAFETY – Hire Additional Deputies for Patrol
There has been an increase in panhandling, prowling, vagrancy and other crimes. Many of these are gateway infractions to more serious crimes. I support developing strategies to fund the hiring of additional deputies to patrol our streets. I support employing other preventive measures to increase the safety of residents and businesses.

ATTRACT BUSINESS – Build Economic Opportunity:
Work with property owners at 27th and Grandview, and 19th and Mildred to develop those major business areas. There are over 90 additional properties in our city that are available for business development.  I support structuring city fees, taxes, laws, processes and other incentives to encourage business growth in University Place that will allow for retail, restaurants, office space, housing, recreation centers, open spaces.

BOOST RECREATION – Join Efforts of Private/Public Agencies:
Several public agencies in our area operate recreation programs that allow our residents to participate. I support collaborative strategies that leverage our ballfields and open spaces as venues in those programs. We need safe and organized activities for our young people. I support exploring public / private partnerships to fund University Place programs.

REDUCE DEBT – Complete Town Center:
Town Center is now a reality with more to come there soon! As we continue to develop town center and other business areas and opportunity properties, the City will be in better position to lower interest rates, increase bond ratings and meet monthly financial obligations. I support devising plans to pay down our debt and retire bonds sooner.